Koyasu Takehito: A tribute to his talent and beauty
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Info on Koyasu-san


Some of it may surprise/excite you. But I assure you, it's all true. ^_^

Beware the Walking Aphrodisiac

Koyasu Takehito has been blessed with creativity, talent, and good looks. In addition to being a well-known seiyuu, appearing in numerous anime, he is also a successful J-pop singer, with a beautiful voice. He also created the series Weiss Kreuz, Crashers Knight and Ran and Z/ETA.

But be warned! The man is a walking aphrodisiac. Possibly more powerful than even chocolate. Those lips, those hips...*wipes drool off keyboard*

And dont think he doesnt know how hot he is! He sure does like to touch himself. Ever watched a Weiss Kreuz concert? How about the Zazel videos? Remember the strategically placed rose? When he thinks about him, he touches himself.

Openly bisexual, Koyasu-san seems to be embracing his feminine side lately. Look at recent pictures, and you'll see he looks more womanly. Listen to newer songs and interviews; his voice is noticeably higher. I applaud him for being so open over the last year, and hope that his fans will continue to be supportive. I know that I will be!

All of this talking about Koyasu-san is making me horny. Im calling my friends, and declaring this a chocolate emergency!



General Info:

Date of Birth: May 5, 1967

Place of Birth: Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 175 cm Weight: 60 kg
Favorite food: Ebi (shrimp), tofu, Mens Pocky (hehe)

Least favorite food: Fish eggs

Favorite animal: Giraffe (In the later Weiss tapes, when the seiyuu are doing their show, Koyasu-san can be seen stroking a stuffed giraffe. Wonder what he's thinking of. Probably a certain man's Pocky. hehe ~_^)